Nickel Briquettes

Nickel is one of the world’s most versatile metals. Besides being resistant to oxidation and corrosion, it maintains its mechanical and physical characteristics even when subjected to extreme temperatures. Its unique qualities make it useful in a wide range of products and applications, such as televisions, rechargeable batteries and CD/DVD pressing. Most nickel is consumed by the steel industry – 63% to produce stainless steel.
Nickel is most commonly used in combination with other metals to form alloys. As a transition metal, it combines readily with other elements, especially iron, chromium and copper, to produce alloys with particular combinations of properties that cannot be obtained from pure metals.
We supply quality Nickel Briquettes that are procured from trusted vendors of the market. These are known for tensile strength, efficiency, corrosion resistance and durability. These briquettes find application in various industries such as chemical, electroplating, engineering, automobile and others. These briquettes are pure form of nickel.